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Tên sản phẩm: cầu đấu dây

MSP: cầu đấu dây

Nhà sản xuất: phoenix

Cầu đấu dây loại spring - lò xo cắm trực tiếp, cầu đấu dây loại bắt vít, cầu đấu ứng dụng chuyên cho dây tín hiệu điều khiển -> tăng độ tin cậy, giảm thao tác, dễ dàng kiểm tra

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Cầu đấu dây - Spring-loaded conductor connection

cầu đấu dâyReliable contact in a compact design

The spring-cage connection from Phoenix Contact is extremely user-friendly, thanks to its front connection:

  1. You can open the terminal point with a standard screwdriver.
  2. Insert the conductor into the clamping space and remove the screwdriver. The conductor makes contact automatically.

A large connection space in an extremely compact design – these are further advantages of the patented spring-cage technology. They allow you to wire conductors with a nominal cross section either with or without ferrules. You can clamp all types of copper cables up to 35 mm² without pretreatment.

Cầu đấu dây Double function shaft

Simpcầu đấu dây phoenixle potential distribution with plug-in bridges

Connect up to 50 modular terminal blocks in just one step – with 2- to 50-position jumpers.

And that's not all: two potentials can be routed in parallel through a terminal point in the double function shaft. Simply disconnect individual contact tabs from the standard bridge and bridging between non-adjacent terminal blocks is established. The contact points can also be marked.

Cầu đấu dây Large-surface labeling

cầu đấu dây wagoWork efficiently with clear labeling

The clear marking of the terminal points is essential for reliable and quick installation. In addition to the center marking of the modular terminal blocks, each terminal point can also be labeled separately.

Top quality

High-grade metal and plastic parts

Reliable connections – that's our aim. The quality of our products is the key. It all starts with the selection of materials.

Metal parts made of corrosion-free, high-grade copper alloys:

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Low temperature rise
  • Surface protected by a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating
  • Spring element made of high-strength chromium-nickel spring steel (stainless)

cầu đấu dây điều khiểnInsulating housing made of elastic plastic with a high impact strength:

  • Recyclable, halogen-free and UV resistant
  • Good tropical and termite resistance
  • Operating temperatures of up to 130°C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Certification in accordance with UL 94 for inflammability class V0

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